Gardens -Farmyard Garden

Raised patio

This garden was created in the old farmyard area used for decades (possibly centuries) for dairy cows to collect ready for milking.  The big problem was the solid ground which made it difficult to create the necessary planting areas.  At the bottom of this page you can see the garden shortly after construction. As you can see it is very hard and unwelcoming with far too much brick and paving. View down garden

The photos here to the left and right were taken 5 years after construction. This shows how important plants are to a garden.

In most gardens the biggest feature is the house and the design needs to ensure that structure sits in the garden and not on it.  The easier way to do this is to create beds close to it and plant suitable plants to blur the hard edges and soften the whole structure.  The techniques and plants used can be seen in this courtyard garden

The 'before design' garden view back toward house   5 years onThe 'before design' garden view away from house











Dear Graham

The garden is one of our best investments. Thank you so much for your work and the recommended landscapers who were excellent.