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 Front gardens often suffer from the needs of modern living and require space for the dreaded motor car. This garden is no different! Worst of all a turning area alongside the drive was required and the danger was that this would spoil what is a delightful house frontage. A cottage like this cries out for a sweeping path up to the front door with cottagey planting on either side but how to accommodate this with the needs of the car?

The solution was to design an area which would enhance the house and allow the cars to turn and this was done by incorporating a brick path to the front door with a gravel area alongside. Combined, these two areas are used for the cars to turn but still look like part of the garden. Stepping stones and ground hugging thymes were added to make the gravel more interesting. This solution works only because there are no plans to park cars for long periods on the turning area. The planting can stand being driven over occasionally but not heavy traffic.

Brick path to front door
A front garden is the first step into our life and a welcoming path
t o the front door is critical

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