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This garden is actually the front garden to the property but is much larger than the back garden. The brief was to make the area private and provide a sitting area close to the house. A window from the house was turned into a door to allow better access to the new garden and the main sitting area was created using decking. Because of the contours and the fact that the sitting space had to be raised up to the new doorway, decking was used. I am not a great advocate of the blanket use of decking but in certain circumstances it is the perfect material and in this project solved many of the problems. If I had installed paving then, because of the levels, we would have had to adjust the soil levels, affecting the contours in the lawn - we may also have had problems with the damp proof course on the house.

Screening from the road also needed some thought as the main path to the house came from this direction. The solution was to wind the path and strategically place short lengths of trellis to obscure views from the road. These were covered with Hedera canariensis to give a solid evergreen screen from the road.

>Mystery. Rosa glauca, Hebe toparia, Alchemilla mollis, Hedera canariensis "Gloire de Marengo" Lawn, Decking, Choisya "Sundance"
lawn, decking, Choisya "Sundance", Acaena microphylla, mowing strip

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