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Graham A.Pavey Garden and Landscape Design
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The actual process of designing a garden, if done correctly, can take some time. This page will hopefully help to explain how it works.

1. The Initial Site Visit. The garden design process starts with a visit to the garden. No salesman will call. All visits and garden design work are carried out by Graham himself. During this informal visit Graham will give advice on all aspects of horticulture and gardening as well as garden design. Should you want a design, Graham will discuss your requirements (including budget), throw out some ideas and suggestions, and prepare for the garden design stage.

2. Site survey and assessment. The garden is measured and the existing plants are listed for use in the new garden design. Graham is careful to use whatever he can within the garden and not to simply bulldoze it and start again. In this way he can ensure the new garden fits snugly with the old.

3. Garden design stage. After drawing up the survey Graham creates a design based on the information prepared at the initial site meeting. This is then drawn up ready for the next stage.

4. Plants. A planting plan is then built up on the garden design created above. This will be based on the lifestyle and requirements of the clients and will, where possible, include plants already planted in the garden.

5. Contractors notes. These are then drawn up and consist of a list of instructions for the landscape gardener (the contractor) to enable him or her to build the garden. This stage is an essential part of ensuring the work carried out is done properly and to the highest standards.





6. Maintenance. Instructions for maintaining the plants in the garden design are then drawn up. These show month by month instructions on how to keep the garden at its very best for years to come. They form the main part of a useful folder which also includes drawings and tips.

7. Site Visit. Another informal meeting at the clients home where Graham presents the new garden design and describes it in detail. This will include a discussion of the implementation stages. It may be that changes are required and these will be carried out prior to the construction stage.

8. Construction. A critical stage. It is essential that the construction is entrusted to an experienced and qualified landscape gardener. We have a number of contractors who we recommend and Graham will ensure that the work they carry out is correct and to the highest standards. At this stage we will ask for estimates and you will choose which contractor you want to carry out the work.

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