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Gardening is not easy, but it can be relaxing and enjoyable. In the past gardeners learnt through making mistakes and hopefully, by not making those mistakes again. However, in this day and age, the high cost of gardening in both time and money makes it less desirable to learn from scratch. We offer a range of expertise to work with you in your garden to avoid making those costly mistakes.

The above garden, featured in Grand Designs magazine, was created by the home owner working alongside his construction trainer
This garden was created by the homw owner working with his personal garden trainer

We offer a range of services from 2 hours, to resolve a particular problem, up to weekly or daily training sessions. We have experts in a range of fields so we can offer a truly comprehensive service.

A Personal Garden Trainer is someone who will work with you to raise your skills and confidence in the garden to a level of excellence. This is our flagship service and works in a similar way to a Personal Trainer but a bit more relaxed with a lot less sweat. These could be weekly or daily sessions depending on your requirements. Once your sessions are over your trainer will always be available should you want a refresher or simply have the odd question.

Garden Assessment and Report. This is where a garden has become out of control or reached a point where some changes are needed. In this case Graham will visit and assess the garden and come up with a series of recommendations in the form of a report.

For those who want to take gardening further we offer Specialised Garden Training where your trainer will help you specialise in a particular medium. It could be growing fruit and vegetables for showing or learing how to create new varieties of perennial.

Construction training is for the garden owner who wants to save money by carrying out a construction project themselves, but wants to ensure that what he does is correct and soundly built. Your trainer will be an experienced landscape gardener who will show you what top do and work with you until the project is finished.

Garden Maintenance Manual. We can identify all the plants in your garden and create a maintenance folder with a regime for each plant on a month-by-month basis. These are very popular and become the garden-owners "bible". It ensures that when you spend time in the garden you can be as effective as possible.

Many people employ inexperienced gardeners and we also offer in-garden training where we can work with your gardener to identify the plants and come up with a maintenance regime specific to your garden.

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