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Local planning departments have had a requirement for many years for developers to submit a landscaping plan and have it approved before building work commences on any new development. Despite this many of these departments have been lax in implementing this and in most cases the developer has been allowed to postpone obtaining the approval until the project is well under way. However, that has been changing rapidly and most planners will now require a landscaping scheme to be approved before the work is begun. I have even known them turn up on-site with an orderBedford Hosiptal Tranquility Garden to cease construction.

If a developer wants to ensure a smooth running project then we recommend obtaining the landscape approval in plenty of time, which is where we can help. We understand what the planners require and the minimum they will accept; in some cases we have a close rapport with the planner which saves clients time and money.

All our plans are professionally drawn and put together by people who fully understand plants and how to use them in a landscape. we can also ensure the contractor can obtain the plants at the right size and at the right price.

There are many myths about planning department requirements but basically they want to ensure a new development is practical and is not a concrete jungle. Porous paving has been much spoken of in recent years but is not necessary in most cases as long as sufficient planting areas are incorporated to allow surface water to soak into the ground.

Bedford Hospital Public Landscaping Scheme

If you requre our assistance please call and/or send us a copy of the development plans and we will give you a price for producing the plans and liaising with the planners.

prices start at £350 prices


With years of experience behind us we can expand your landscaping scheme to enhance the property/properties for sale. The planners require a commitment to maintain the scheme for a lengthy period after contruction which can be time consuming. We can supply maintenance instructions for the new home owner to empower them to look after their new garden.

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